mammoth grinder
"i dont like feet"

24 years old
United States

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skramz, emo, mince, grind

Movies: The Coneheads, Lost Boys, Wristcutters, Labyrinth
Television: Roseanne (the old one!), Keeping Up With The Kardashians, anime
Books: lots and lots of zines

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Status: Always in love
Orientation: Gay
Ethnicity: White
Religion: I'm figuring it out
Occupation: School and dead end jobs to pay the bills

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About me:

my name is victoria. sometimes i go by mammoth grinder or violet. i am 24, born june 27th 1994, which makes me a cancer if you care about that kind of stuff. my favorite band is The Used and my favorite movie is the Coneheads. i'm trying to write this about me like someone from across the united states is learning about me but writing about myself is always weird and uncomfortable. i like comic books and art in general. i draw and play drums and yell for fun.

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